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recent pictures of Chip Ritter with some of his friends and family, April 2005

Chip Ritter shown here with his father Keith Ritter who is visiting Chip from Indiana!

Picture taken in Tucson AZ on April 24th 2005

Chip Ritter and his good friend Amy Rocker. Amy  has been awarded a high honor for young professionals in Arizona.Phoenix News, The Business Journal of Phoenix, Phoenix Newspaper

"The Business Journal's annual "Forty Under 40" special section showcases some of the rising stars in our community. They're young, full of energy and undeniable sources of inspiration."

Congratulations Amy!

Chip and his good friend Leonard - two trouble making drummers!

Chip and Leonard discuss Leonard's custom car-show-winning corvette sports car, it's really cool,

We can't wait for you to see it! 


Captain Don Kassenbrock and his friend Chip Ritter.

Don is a great drummer, as well as being a Pilot for Southwest Airlines.

Chip got to see his momma during a show at the Blues Heritage festival with Anna Warr in April 05

Three Violinists and a drummer!

Heather Hardy, Susan and Don Kassenbrock, and their friend Nancy Livingston.

Nancy is the first Violin for the Phoenix Symphony!

You can read more about Nancy here.


 Phoenix AZ - Saturday, April 23rd performance with Sam Taylor and Heather Hardy,

one of the bands that Chip Ritter currently performs with.


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